Mariah Carey Fired Her Creative Director In Aftermath Of NYE Performance


If you watched Mariah Carey’s much-talked-about NYE performance, you may have thought she bombed, but you also may have noticed that she couldn’t hear a darn thing. Clearly, someone is to blame for the disastrous performance, and it’s definitely not Mimi (come on, we know she could out-sing all of us in her sleep).

Apparently, Anthony Burrell, the 46-year-old singer’s longtime creative director, may be to blame. Carey told Entertainment Tonight that he is no longer on her team.

“He’s not being brought back [in 2017] for a number of reasons,” she said.

According to an insider, there aren’t actually a number of reasons he’s being let go — mainly, there’s one. Apparently he decided to change one of the backup singer’s positions for the performance without letting anyone know, which is what made her mess up when she couldn’t hear out of her faulty earpiece.

Burrell allegedly instructed the backup vocalists to move off the stage and stand at the base of the risers so there could be more room for Mimi’s backup dancers. This totally left Mariah high and dry because when her earpiece failed, she could have gotten cues from her backup singers. The whole thing seems like a mess!

What do you think? Did Burrell need to go?