Mariah Carey Joins ‘X-Factor’ Full-Time?

mariah careyThe casting for the upcoming show of the X Factor has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride and it all boils down to a big game of Simon Says.  Creator Simon Cowell has got his eye on making Mariah Carey a new, permanent member of his team.  Back in April it was said that Carey would have a small part in the U.S. show premiering in September.  Her pregnancy prevented her from being cast as judge on the show, but now that she’s no longer pregnant they make be looking to nab her for a more substantial role. 

What would the singer be doing?  Originally she was scheduled to mentor contestants for an episode or two, but now it may be for the entire season.  A source states, “Now that she has had her babies, it’s very possible that she will be involved in some way in the later stages of the show…she has always said she wanted to work with the show, so it’s something they will certainly be discussing ideas for soon.”  Carey has had a highly impressive music career, but is she mentor material?  Simon certainly seems to think so saying, “I literally adore her. I love her to bits.”  That’s saying something, especially coming from Mr. Judgmental himself.  I hope the world is prepared to handle a bunch of little divas in the making.

Source: E Online