Mariah Carey and Miguel’s New Song ‘#Beautiful’ Isn’t the Sex Explosion We Expected

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For a week now, Mariah Carey and her most recent collaborator (and purveyor of some of the most baby-making music in the industry right now) Miguel have been tantalizing fans with snippets of their new song “#Beautiful,” which is undoubtedly a result of Carey’s worst American Idol judging habit. (The number of times the singer has uttered “hashtag-pow” or “hash-tag” amazing is reaching Randy Jackson-levels of repetitiveness). Now, her social-media-friendly song is officially live on her website and as nice as it is, it’s lacking the sheer sexual magnetism we expected from a collaboration between Mimi and the impossibly sexy Miguel. 

While it’s a little more on the summer fun side of pop music, the song does clearly pull from Miguel’s signature gyration-instigating rhythms and Carey’s signature runs. Still, it’s just a little more easy-going that what we’ve come to expect from a pairing of this magnitude. Perhaps when we finally get a music video to pair with the music, the full picture of sexual desire will come together. Or, we’ll chill out and realize this might actually make a great, simple summer jam and move on with our sunny lives. 

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