Mariah Carey Makes Sweet Love to a Motorcycle in New ‘#Beautiful’ Music...

Mariah Carey Makes Sweet Love to a Motorcycle in New ‘#Beautiful’ Music Video

In the video for her new single, “#Beautiful” (the hashtag makes a statement without saying a word, like the world’s last bottle of Exclamation perfume), Mariah Carey sings, “I love when you run red lights and I love how you don’t stop until you thrill me.” She isn’t talking to her duet partner Miguel, it appears she is talking to the motorcycle she is undulating on throughout the video. 

Just look at the pair’s body language in this video. Sure they start off on the back of the bike together, but then they don’t touch for the remainder of the song. Instead Mariah is on the stationary bike all alone. Then she’s squirming and pulling at her short neon dress standing in front of a classic car so gorgeous that it would make Jay Leno’s gigantic jaw drop. She’s not singing to Miguel, she’s singing to this symbol of automotive beauty. Check below and enjoy “#Beautiful,” the first love duet performed between a woman and a hashtag car. 


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