Marietta Canty

Born: 09/30/1905


Actor (20)

A Man Called Peter 1955 (Movie)

Emma (Actor)

Rebel Without a Cause 1955 (Movie)

Plato's Maid (Actor)

A Streetcar Named Desire 1950 (Movie)

Negro Woman (Actor)

The Spoilers 1941 (Movie)

Idabelle (Actor)

Bright Leaf (Movie)

Queenie (Actor)

Chicago Deadline (Movie)

Hazel (Actor)

Dreamboat (Movie)

Lavinia (Actor)

Father of the Bride (Movie)

Delilah (Actor)

Father's Little Dividend (Movie)

Delilah (Actor)

Goin' to Town (Movie)

Camellia (Actor)

Home Sweet Homicide (Movie)

Housekeeper (Actor)

Mother Is a Freshman (Movie)

Beulah (Actor)

My Foolish Heart (Movie)

Grace (Actor)

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (Movie)

Samanthy (Actor)

The Heavenly Body (Movie)

Pearl Harrison (Actor)

The Lady Is Willing (Movie)

Mary Lou (Actor)

The Magnificent Dope (Movie)

Jennie (Actor)

The Searching Wind (Movie)

Sophronia (Actor)

The Toast of New Orleans (Movie)

Angelique (Actor)

Three Hearts for Julia (Movie)

Mattie (Actor)