The ‘I Quit’ Girl Gets A Job Working For Queen Latifah… Sort Of

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Forget sending out résumés. If you want to score a job offer from Queen Latifah, all you need is a Kanye West song and a video camera. At least, that’s what worked for Marina Shifrin, who quit her job by filming herself dancing around her empty office in the middle of the night to West’s “Gone.” The clip quickly went viral, which is unsurprising as her former employer is Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese company that produces those weird animated news clips. But before heading back to her parents’ basement, Shifrin stopped by The Queen Latifah Show to talk about her video and wound up recieving a job offer from the Queen herself. (That groaning noise you just heard were millions of college graduates complaining about the unfairness of the universe.)

Latifah is apparently such a big fan of Shifrin’s that she even offered to create a new position for her: digital content producer. After Shifrin got over her shock and disbelief, she found herself with both Internet fame and a new job… sort of. Even though Latifah offered her the position, Shifrin still needed to interview with the boss backstage, where Latifah said they would see if she could “hook [her] up.” All of which means that Shifrin may still have to move back in with her parents after all.

Based on her Twitter account, it doesn’t seem as if Shifrin is working for Queen Latifah yet, although she did write that the rapper-turned-talk-show-host had “changed her life.” She is trying to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, and her YouTube account contains clips of her sets along with the now famous video. So, unemployed or underemployed 20-somethings, this is your chance! Jump on this job opening before Shifrin changes her mind! And forget everything you learned in school about networking and writing a perfect cover letter; if you want to get a job, all you need is one viral video. 

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