Marion Davies

Actor, Producer, Model
A charming actress whose career spanned from the end of the silent era to the first decade of the talkies, Marion Davies' substantial talent was overshadowed by her storied personal life and ongoing affair with powerful ... Read more »
Born: 01/03/1897 in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Actor (23)

That's Entertainment! III 1994 (Movie)

Song Performer (Actor)

Cain and Mabel 1935 (Movie)


Hollywood Revue of 1929 1929 (Movie)


Show People 1927 (Movie)

Peggy Pepper (Actor)

Adam and Eva (Movie)

Eva King (Actor)

April Folly (Movie)

April Poole (Actor)

Beauty's Worth (Movie)

Prudence Cole (Actor)

Beverly of Graustark (Movie)

Beverly Calhoun (Actor)

Enchantment (Movie)

Ethel Hoyt (Actor)

Ever Since Eve (Movie)

Marge Winton (Actor)

Five and Ten (Movie)

Jennifer Rarick (Actor)

Going Hollywood (Movie)

Sylvia Bruce (Actor)

Hearts Divided (Movie)

Betsy Patterson (Actor)

Little Old New York (Movie)

Patricia O'Day (Actor)

Marianne (Movie)

Marianne (Actor)

Operator 13 (Movie)

Gail Loveless (Actor)

Peg O' My Heart (Movie)

Peg O`Connell (Actor)

Polly of the Circus (Movie)

Polly Fisher (Actor)

The Cardboard Lover (Movie)

Sally (Actor)

The Patsy (Movie)

Patricia Harrington (Actor)

The Pilgrim (Movie)

Congregation Member (Actor)

The Red Mill (Movie)

Tina (Actor)

When Knighthood Was in Flower (Movie)

Princess Mary Tudor (Actor)
Producer (4)

Five and Ten (Movie)


Hearts Divided (Movie)


Marianne (Movie)


The Cardboard Lover (Movie)



A charming actress whose career spanned from the end of the silent era to the first decade of the talkies, Marion Davies' substantial talent was overshadowed by her storied personal life and ongoing affair with powerful newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. It was as a 19-year-old performer on Broadway that Davies first met Hearst, a married man who, after falling in love with the young actress, vowed to make her one of Hollywood's greatest stars. Literally sparing no expense, Hearst created a production company solely for Davies' projects and leveraged deals with major studios to distribute her films. Although her benefactor preferred to see his star in such elaborate costume dramas as "Buried Treasure" (1921) and "When Knighthood was in Flower" (1922), Davies' impish personality made her far better suited for comedies like "Tillie the Toiler" (1927) and "The Patsy" (1928). Whether justified or not, it was Davies' off-screen travails that earned her lasting notoriety over the years. The sudden death of silent film producer Thomas Ince on Hearst's yacht led to persistent rumors of murder and a cover-up. Years later, Hollywood wunderkind Orson Welles' film à clef "Citizen Kane" (1941) made the newspaper tycoon apoplectic when he was told the film cast him, and particularly Davies, in an unflattering light. Frequently painted as a party-loving gold-digger by the ill-informed, a closer look at Davies and her complicated relationship with Hearst revealed an ambitious, talented and devoted woman who possessed an inner-strength largely unrecognized by the public.


Patricia Van Cleve Lake

born to Davies and William Randolph Hearst on June 18, 1923 passed off as Davies' niece kidnapped by George Van Cleve who later was awarded custody married to actor Arthur Lake died on October 3, 1993

Rose Adlon

older was an alcoholic and eventually lost custody of Patricia

Horace Brown

married c. October 1951 Davies filed for divorce eight months after marriage and again in 1954, but withdrew suit each time survived her

Bernard Douras

later New York City Magistrate from 1918-30

Ethel Douras


Reine Douras


William Randolph Hearst

together from 1917 until his death in 1951

Leslie Howard Actor


Charles Lederer Screenplay

Son of George Lederer

George Lederer



P S 93

Brooklyn, New York
was captain of a championship basketball team

Convent of the Sacred Heart

Hastings, New York



Campaigned for John Kennedy's presidential bid


Purchased $2 million Desert Inn in Palm Springs


Made last film, "Ever Since Eve"


Loaned the financially ailing William Randolph Hearst $1 million dollars; reportedly raised money by selling jewelry


Moved Cosmopolitan over to Warner Brothers when the role of Elizabeth Barrett in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" was given to Norma Shearer instead of to Davies


Talking film debut in all-star "Hollywood Revue of 1929"


First Cosmopolitan film to be released and distributed by MGM, "Janice Meredith"


Four films produced through the Marion Davies Picture Corporation (set up by W.R. Hearst); subsequent producer credits through Cosmopolitan Pictures (also set up by Hearst)


Film acting and screenwriting debut, "Runaway Romany" (sole screenwriting credit)


Broadway debut (as chorus girl) in "The Blue Bird"