Marion Martin

Born: 06/07/1909 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (37)

Eadie Was a Lady 1945 (Movie)

Rose Allure (Actor)

Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1944 (Movie)


It Happened Tomorrow 1944 (Movie)

Nurse (Actor)

The Merry Monahans 1944 (Movie)

Soubrette (Actor)

The Woman of the Town 1942 (Movie)

Daisy Davenport (Actor)

They Got Me Covered 1942 (Movie)

Gloria (Actor)

The Lady From Cheyenne 1940 (Movie)


Boom Town 1939 (Movie)


The Man in the Iron Mask 1938 (Movie)


Angel on My Shoulder (Movie)

Mrs. Bentley (Actor)

Black Angel (Movie)

Millie (Actor)

Blonde Inspiration (Movie)

Wanda (Actor)

Cinderella Jones (Movie)

Burlesque Queen (Actor)

Cracked Nuts (Movie)

Blonde (Actor)

Ellery Queen. Master Detective (Movie)

Cornelia (Actor)

Gildersleeve's Ghost (Movie)

Terry Vance (Actor)

Journey into Light (Movie)

Diana (Actor)

Key to the City (Movie)

Emmy (Actor)

Lady Scarface (Movie)

Ruby (Actor)

Lady of Burlesque (Movie)

Alice Angel (Actor)

Lighthouse (TV Show)


Mexican Spitfire at Sea (Movie)

Flo (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire's Baby (Movie)

Fifi (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire's Elephant (Movie)

Diana (Actor)

My Dream Is Yours (Movie)

Blonde (Actor)

New Wine (Movie)

Mitzi (Actor)

Nobody Lives Forever (Movie)

Blonde (Actor)

Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Movie)

Big Blonde (Actor)

Powder Town (Movie)

Sue (Actor)

Sinners in Paradise (Movie)

Iris Compton (Actor)

Suspense (Movie)

Blond (Actor)

Sweethearts of the USA (Movie)

Josephine (Actor)

Tales of Manhattan (Movie)

Squirrel (Actor)

The Big Store (Movie)

Peggy Arden (Actor)

The Big Street (Movie)

Mrs. Venus (Actor)

The Great Mike (Movie)

Kitty (Actor)

The Storm (Movie)

Jane (Actor)