Mark A Reeves


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (14)

First Sunday 2008 (Movie)

(Chief Lighting Technician)

Tell Me You Love Me 2007 - 2008 (Tv Show)


Captivity 2007 (Movie)

(Additional Photography) (Best Boy Electric)

Six Feet Under 2003 (Tv Show)

Lighting Technician

The Life of David Gale 2003 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Breakfast of Champions 1999 (Movie)

(Lighting Technician)

Godzilla 1998 (Movie)

best boy electric(Sight Line Productions/model & miniature photography) (Best Boy)

Volcano 1997 (Movie)

(visual effects/miniature unit) (Electrician)

Independence Day 1996 (Movie)

bestboy electric(visual effects camera unit) (Best Boy)

Sgt. Bilko 1996 (Movie)


Bad Girls 1994 (Movie)


The Getaway 1994 (Movie)


Geronimo (TV Show)

Best Boy

The Good Old Boys (TV Show)

Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Domestic Disturbance 2001 (Movie)

assistant chief lighting technician (Lighting)