Mark and Donnie Wahlberg Will Open ‘Wahlburgers’ Restaurant

Food has never looked so good. The notoriously hunky Mark Wahlburg is about to go into a family business with his equally dreamy brother, Donnie Wahlburg. Say it with me now: Yum! The two brothers are reportedly opening a hamburger restaurant in Hingham, Mass. And what will they be calling their new restaurant? Wahlbergers. Clever.

It turns out the name they wanted to give the restaurant had already been trademarked by a NY-based chain of burger joints in Rochester, but the owner thankfully was willing to sell them the name. Good thing too — otherwise what would they have called it, Wahlburritos? (I need to start copywriting this stuff.) Anyway, their business partner, Ed St. Croix, commented on their excitement on gaining ownership of the oh-so clever restaurant name saying that “It’s a good sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to.” Wahlburgers is scheduled to open soon at the Hingham Shipyard, which is right across from the brothers’ Italian restaurant Alma Nove. Reports are also claiming that the group is also planning to open a pizza joint next spring. Whatever Mark and Donnie are trying to sell, I’m buying. Heck, I’ll have seconds!

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Source: US