Mark Boone Junior

Born: 03/17/1955 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Actor (80)

Casual Encounters 2015 (Movie)

Earl Conrad (Actor)

Ghost House 2015 (Movie)

Reno (Actor)

Helicopter Mom 2015 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Sons of Anarchy 2008 - 2015 (TV Show)


The Birth of a Nation 2015 (Movie)

Rev. Walthall (Actor)

American Romance 2014 (Movie)


Django Lives 2014 (Movie)


Heavy Put-Away 2014 (Movie)


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2014 (Tv Show)


Life of Crime 2014 (Movie)

Richard Monk (Actor)

Spooner 2011 (Movie)


Happiness Runs 2010 (Movie)

Victor's Father (Actor)

Pete Smalls Is Dead 2010 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

The Donner Party 2010 (Movie)

Franklin (Actor)

Halloween 2 2009 (Movie)

Floyd (Actor)

Management 2009 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

Frozen River 2008 (Movie)

Jacques Bruno (Actor)

In Plain Sight 2008 (Tv Show)


Vice 2008 (Movie)

Bugsby (Actor)

30 Days of Night 2007 (Movie)

Beau Brower (Actor)

The BeatNicks 2007 (Movie)

Nick Beat (Actor)

Wristcutters: A Love Story 2007 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Lonesome Jim 2006 (Movie)

Evil (Actor)

Batman Begins 2005 (Movie)

Flass (Actor)

Shade 2004 (Movie)

Leipzig (Actor)

The Grey 2004 (Movie)

Jake Cantrell (Actor)

The Legend of Lucy Keyes 2004 (Movie)

Jonas Dodd (Actor)

2 Fast 2 Furious 2003 (Movie)

Detective Whitworth (Actor)

Dead Birds 2003 (Movie)

Joseph (Actor)

Curb Your Enthusiasm 2001 (Tv Show)


Everything Put Together 2001 (Movie)


Memento 2001 (Movie)

Burt (Actor)

Spanish Judges 2001 (Movie)


ATF 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


Buddy Boy 2000 (Movie)

Vic (Actor)

Ordinary Madness 1999 (Movie)

Leo (Actor)

Smut 1999 (Movie)


The General's Daughter 1999 (Movie)

Elkins (Actor)

The Gold Cup 1999 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Armageddon 1998 (Movie)

New York Guy (Actor)

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 1998 (Movie)

Pawn Shop Owner (Actor)

John Carpenter's Vampires 1998 (Movie)

Catlin (Actor)

The Thin Red Line 1998 (Movie)

Private Peale (Actor)

Hack 1997 (Movie)

Ed (Actor)

October 22 1997 (Movie)


Rosewood 1997 (Movie)

Poly (Actor)

The Game 1997 (Movie)

Shady Private Investigator (Actor)

The Wetonkawa Flash 1997 (Movie)

Harley Henson (Actor)

Trees Lounge 1996 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Last of the Dogmen 1995 (Movie)

Tattoo (Actor)

Seven 1995 (Movie)

Greasy FBI Man (Actor)

The Quick and the Dead 1995 (Movie)

Scars (Actor)

Bakersfield P.D. 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Geronimo: An American Legend 1993 (Movie)

Afraid Miner (Actor)

Hogg's Heaven 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Painted Heart 1993 (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

In the Heat of the Night 1990 - 1992 (Tv Show)


Of Mice and Men 1992 (Movie)

Bus Driver (Actor)

Quantum Leap 1990 - 1992 (Tv Show)


The Sketch Artist 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


Delirious 1991 (Movie)


Law & Order 1990 - 1991 (Tv Show)


Die Hard 2: Die Harder 1990 (Movie)

Shockley--Terrorist (Actor)

Force of Circumstance 1990 (Movie)

Herman (Actor)

In the Spirit 1990 (Movie)

2nd Policeman (Actor)

Last Exit to Brooklyn 1990 (Movie)

Willie (Actor)

Cookie 1989 (Movie)

Transit Cop (Actor)

New York Stories 1989 (Movie)

Hank (Actor)

Prisoners of Inertia 1989 (Movie)

Weed (Actor)

Slaves of New York 1989 (Movie)

Mitch (Actor)

Landlord Blues 1986 (Movie)

George (Actor)

Variety 1985 (Movie)

Porn Customer (Actor)

Animal Factory (TV Show)


Daybreak (TV Show)


Fever (TV Show)


Frankenfish (TV Show)


Hugo Pool (TV Show)


Montana (TV Show)

Producer (2)

The Grey 2004 (Movie)


Spun 2003 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)
Writer (1)

The Grey 2004 (Movie)

(adaptation) (Screenplay)


University of Vermont



Joined the cast of the hit series "Sons of Anarchy."


Played Detective Whitworth in "2 Fast 2 Furious."


Performed a two-man comedic sketch show with Steve Buscemi at the Gusto House in the East Village.


Made his screen debut in the independent drama "Variety."

Bonus Trivia


Took his stage name from a New York City war memorial.


Bought his first motorcycle for $50 at age 11 and road on his grandparents' property in Wisconsin. He quit at age 18 at his mother's request after his brother-in-law was badly injured in a motorcycle accident.


Moved to New York after college and began performing stand-up comedy.


Has worked on several projects with his close friend Steve Buscemi.


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