Mark Shelton


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (16)

Tank Girl 1995 (Movie)

visual effects chief lighting technician(4WP) (Lighting Technician)

Clifford 1994 (Movie)


No Escape 1994 (Movie)


The Pagemaster 1994 (Movie)


Heart and Souls 1993 (Movie)

(4-Ward Productions Inc) (Gaffer)

Batman Returns 1992 (Movie)

(4-Ward) (Gaffer)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 (Movie)

(4-Ward) (Gaffer)

Darkman 1990 (Movie)

(4Ward) (Gaffer)

Tremors 1990 (Movie)

(4-Ward Productions) (Gaffer)

The Abyss 1989 (Movie)

(special effects) (Gaffer)

Sniff 1987 - 1988 (TV Show)


Maid to Order 1987 (Movie)


Number One With a Bullet 1987 (Movie)


The Naked Cage 1986 (Movie)


Hollywood Commandos (TV Show)


The Stranger Within (TV Show)

Production Management (2)

The House on Haunted Hill 1999 (Movie)

production coordinator/director of photography(4-Ward Productions digital/visual effects) (Production Coordinator)

Hard Rain 1998 (Movie)

visual effects line producer(4-Ward Productions) (Line Producer)
Visual Effects & Animation (2)

Level Seven (Lonesome Oak) 2014 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Team America: World Police 2004 (Movie)

Dzynz Crew (Special Effects)
Producer (1)

Titanic 1997 (Movie)

producer/director of photography(4-Ward Productions) (Producer)
Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Blue Tiger (TV Show)

Director of Photography