This Blog Post Isn’t For Single People

Marriage Isn't For You,

“If I see that link on my Facebook feed one more time,” single people collectively thought as one hive mind this week, “I’m repossessing every wedding gift I’ve ever given.”

Blogger Seth Adam Smith wrote a piece on marriage that went viral when it appeared on the Huffington Post. Titled, “Marriage Isn’t For You,” the op-ed details Smith’s struggle with the convention and his epiphany that he wasn’t walking down the aisle to please himself, but rather to make his girlfriend happy. Because we know that always works out well. He describes his revelation as a rejection of the “Walmart philosophy, which is if it doesn’t make you happy, you can take it back and get a new one.” No word on how his new wife feels about being compared to a swivel chair from aisle 17.

Somehow, this dubious philosphy struck a chord with married pople all over social media. And frankly, it’s putting the rest of us off the whole subject. If marriage is such a trial, why did I have to take a bus and three trains out to your ceremony in East Whatever, USA? Am I now supposed to congratulate you on Facebook for enduring the sacrifice and hardship of spending every waking moment with the love of your life?

Because the film version with Gerard Butler as a lovable rake who forces himself to settle for Amanda Seyfried is inevitable, we want to know what you think of Smith’s piece. Is it spot-on or misguided? Are you as sick of it as we are? Discuss in the comments!