Marshall Napier


Actor (33)

The Light Between Oceans 2016 (Movie)

Mr. Coughlan (Actor)

Griff the Invisible 2011 (Movie)

Benson (Actor)

Chandon Pictures 2010 (Tv Show)


The Water Horse 2007 (Movie)

Sgt Strunk (Actor)

Airtight 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


Jet Set 2000 (Movie)


In A Savage Land 1999 (Movie)


Muggers 1999 (Movie)

Professor Charles Lawrence (Actor)

Strange Planet 1999 (Movie)

Robert--Ex Lover (Actor)

Children of the Revolution 1997 (Movie)


Dead Heart 1997 (Movie)

Sgt Oaks (Actor)

Paperback Romance 1997 (Movie)

George LePine (Actor)

The Sugar Factory 1997 (Movie)

Mr Berne (Actor)

Peter Benchley's The Beast 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


Race the Sun 1996 (Movie)

Mr Cronin (Actor)

Babe 1995 (Movie)

Chairman of Judges (Actor)

Spider & Rose 1995 (Movie)

Ambulance Dispatcher (Actor)

Flirting 1992 (Movie)

Mr Rupert Elliott (Actor)

Shotgun Wedding 1992 (Movie)

Detective Dave Green (Actor)

The Big Steal 1990 (Movie)

Desmond Clark (Actor)

Georgia 1989 (Movie)

Frank LeMat (Actor)

The Navigator 1989 (Movie)

Searle (Actor)

Starlight Hotel 1988 (Movie)

Detective Wallace (Actor)

Footrot Flats 1986 (Movie)

of Hank Murphy (Voice)

Came a Hot Friday 1984 (Movie)

Sel Bishop (Actor)

The Lie of the Land 1984 (Movie)

Major Martin Hudson (Actor)

Bad Blood 1983 (Movie)

Trev Bond (Actor)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt 1983 (Movie)

Constable Wyllie (Actor)

Pallet on the Floor 1983 (Movie)

Joe Voot (Actor)

Wild Horses 1981 (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

Goodbye Pork Pie 1980 (Movie)

Murphy (Actor)

Meteorites! (TV Show)


The Clinic (TV Show)