Martin Garralaga


Actor (16)

Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice? 1969 (Movie)

Juan (Actor)

Island of the Blue Dolphins 1963 (Movie)


Lonely Are the Brave 1962 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

The Left-Handed Gun 1958 (Movie)

Saval (Actor)

Man in the Shadow 1957 (Movie)

Jesus Cisneros (Actor)

Gunsight Ridge 1956 (Movie)

Ramon (Actor)

A Man Alone 1955 (Movie)

Ortega (Actor)

Green Fire 1954 (Movie)

Gonzales (Actor)

Secret of the Incas 1954 (Movie)


Law and Order 1953 (Movie)

Mexican Man (Actor)

Tycoon 1947 (Movie)


The Virginian 1946 (Movie)


Voice in the Wind 1944 (Movie)


Casablanca 1942 (Movie)

Headwaiter (Actor)

Juarez 1939 (Movie)