Mary E Walter


Visual Effects & Animation (7)

Beautiful Creatures 2013 (Movie)

VFX Assistant Editor (Visual Effects Editor)

Meet Dave 2008 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Editor)

Poseidon 2006 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Editor)

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 2004 (Movie)

(Vancouver) (Visual Effects Editor)

The Matrix 1999 (Movie)

assistant visual effects editor (Effects Assistant)

Three Wishes 1995 (Movie)

visual effects technician (Visual Effects)

Demolition Man 1993 (Movie)

(Visual Effects)
Editor (4)

We Were Soldiers 2002 (Movie)

visual effects editor (Editor)

Just Visiting 2001 (Movie)

visual effects editor (Editor)

Armageddon 1998 (Movie)

visual effects editor (Editor)

Call From Space 1989 (Movie)

(special photogrpahic effects) (Editor)
Other (6)

The Fifth Element 1997 (Movie)

visial effects advisor (Advisor)

Multiplicity 1996 (Movie)

visual effects advisor (Advisor)

The Shadow 1994 (Movie)

technician(visual effects) (Other)

Fright Night 1985 (Movie)

opticals(Entertainment Effects) (Other)

2010 1984 (Movie)

optical lineup (Other)

Ghostbusters 1984 (Movie)

optical lineup (Other)