Massimo Sarchielli

Born: 04/09/1931 in Florence, Tuscany, IT


Actor (28)

Miracle at St. Anna 2008 (Movie)

Franco (Actor)

Mother of Tears 2008 (Movie)


Three Step Dancing 2003 (Movie)

Massimo (Actor)

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003 (Movie)

Nino (Actor)

In Love and War 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


Sleepless 2001 (Movie)


The Luzhin Defense 2001 (Movie)

Tailor (Actor)

Midsummer Night Dance 1999 (Movie)


Something to Believe In 1997 (Movie)

Luigi Faccino (Actor)

Magnificat 1993 (Movie)

Margherita's Father (Actor)

Volere Volare 1993 (Movie)

Chef (Actor)

The Story of Boys and Girls 1991 (Movie)

Don Luciano (Actor)

Courage Mountain 1990 (Movie)

Governor (Actor)

Torrents of Spring 1990 (Movie)

Gypsy Man (Actor)

The Sicilian 1987 (Movie)

Enzo (Actor)

Salome 1986 (Movie)

1st Assassin (Actor)

Saving Grace 1986 (Movie)

Fortunato (Actor)

King David 1985 (Movie)

Palastu (Actor)

Ladyhawke 1985 (Movie)

Innkeeper (Actor)

National Lampoon's European Vacation 1985 (Movie)

The Other Thief (Actor)

The Windbreaker 1982 (Movie)

Prosecuting Lawyer (Actor)

Madonna, Che Silenzio C'e Stasera 1981 (Movie)

Magnifico (Actor)

The Night of San Lorenzo 1980 (Movie)

Father Marmugi (Actor)

Fragment of Fear 1971 (Movie)

Mario (Actor)

Beatrice Cenci 1968 (Movie)


The Sailor From Gibraltar 1967 (Movie)

Massimo (Actor)

Juliet of the Spirits 1965 (Movie)

Val's Lover (Actor)

Killer Rules (TV Show)