Mathieu Demy

Born: 10/14/1972


Actor (31)

The Conquerors 2014 (Movie)

Noé (Actor)

Americano 2012 (Movie)

Martin (Actor)

Documenteur 2012 (Movie)


Tomboy 2011 (Movie)

Laure's Father (Actor)

The Girl on the Train 2010 (Movie)

Alex (Actor)

The Beaches of Agnes 2009 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Great Alibi 2008 (Movie)

Philippe (Actor)

Le Temps d'un regard 2007 (Movie)


A Few Days in September 2006 (Movie)


Ecoute Le Temps 2006 (Movie)

Julien (Actor)

Qui M'Aime Me Suive 2006 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Un Fil a la Patte 2005 (Movie)

Firmin (Actor)

Mister V 2003 (Movie)


Aram 2002 (Movie)


God is Great, I'm Not 2002 (Movie)

Bertrand (Actor)

Les Acteurs anonymes 2001 (Movie)

Mathieu (Actor)

Banqueroute 2000 (Movie)

Nicholas (Actor)

La Chambre obscure 2000 (Movie)


Les Marchands de sable 2000 (Movie)

Antoine (Actor)

Quand on sera grand 2000 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

Jeanne and the Perfect Guy 1999 (Movie)

Olivier (Actor)

Mes Amis 1999 (Movie)


One Hundred and One Nights 1999 (Movie)

Mica (Actor)

The New Yorker 1998 (Movie)


The Universe of Jacques Demy 1994 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

3000 Scenarios contre un virus 1993 (Movie)


Kung Fu Master! 1989 (Movie)

Julien (Actor)

Jane B. par Agnes V. 1988 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

La Table tournante 1988 (Movie)

of Small Clown (Voice)

One Sings, the Other Doesn't 1977 (Movie)

Zorro (Actor)

Paper (TV Show)

Producer (1)

Americano 2012 (Movie)

Director (1)

Americano 2012 (Movie)