Matt Damon Defends Gwyneth Paltrow

Many people have criticized Gwyneth Paltrow over the past few years, mainly because her actions seem to convey that she feels superior to us. For instance, a major problem people have with Paltrow is her newsletter, Goop, which is widely recognized as an elaborate chronicle of her luxurious and rich and fantastic  existence that she disguises as collections of advice for regular people. Attacks of the Country Strong actress have gotten so serious that fellow working mom Tina Fey, even felt compelled to come to her defense. Fey expounded upon the fervor of Paltrow’s dissenters and telling the April Issue of Instyle, saying “I remember reading some interview where Gwyneth Paltrow said something like ‘I missed my kids on the set one day and I was crying.’ And I thought, yeah, I’ve totally done that. But on the website where I read it there were all these furious comments. ‘But you’re a movie star!’ Yes, it’s much worse for a mom serving in Afghanistan. Of course. But there’s just no forgiveness.”

And now, Matt Damon is stepping up to the plate. He’s set to appear alongside Paltrow in Steven Soderbergh‘s Contagion, and even when he was supposed to be talking up the movie to Access Hollywood, he found time to load on the praise of his old friend. He said, “More so than anybody I’ve ever worked with, she’s got an ability to turn it on and off. Like she can just be talking about something and then when they say ‘Rolling,’ it’s like she snaps, she just locks it in, in a way that I don’t understand, ’cause I can’t do it. I’ve worked with a lot of great actors and one things that happens for me is that a great actor is so good that they pull me right in…that’s how I feel when I do a scene with her, I’m instantly brought in because she takes me there.” Yeah, but that doesn’t explain why we’ve become such cashmere snobs!

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