Matt Damon Is Awesome, Defends Teachers at ‘Save Our Schools’ March

Talk about getting schooled—Matt Damon gives a reporters and camera crew a piece of his mind during an interview at the “Save Our Schools” march that the actor attended and spoke at this week. The reporter comments that as an actor he needs an incentive like money to work harder and be a better actor, so why shouldn’t the same go for teachers? Damon responds saying, “You think job insecurity is what makes me work hard?  I want to be an actor.”  Damon stresses that a teacher wants to teach and isn’t going to get lazy as soon as they’re offered tenure. Having grown up with two parents that were dedicated teachers, I am loving the hunky actor for being so passionate and caring about this. 

During the interview an out of sight camera man comments that ten percent of teachers are bad and that it’s true of any profession. This guy claims ten percent of people in any profession should think of doing something else with their career. Damon retaliates saying, “Well okay but I mean, maybe you’re a shitty cameraman, I don’t know,” —burn.  You just know that Jason Bourne would be so proud! Check out the video footage below:

Source: YouTube