Matt Dillon

Actor, Writer, Director
Once typecast as a doomed young rebel with smoldering good looks, Oscar-nominee Matt Dillon managed to outlast his teen stardom from Francis Ford Coppola's "The Outsiders" (1983) and enjoy a respected career in both ... Read more »
Born: 02/18/1964 in New Rochelle, New York, USA


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Once typecast as a doomed young rebel with smoldering good looks, Oscar-nominee Matt Dillon managed to outlast his teen stardom from Francis Ford Coppola's "The Outsiders" (1983) and enjoy a respected career in both drama and comedy. His acclaimed starring role in Gus Van Sant's "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989) helped build a bridge from Dillon's reckless teen roles to more adult fare, though he showed a career-long penchant for seedy and duplicitous characters, to which he always brought a charismatic charm or brooding allure. While making successful forays into cartoonish, blockbuster comedies like "There's Something About Mary" (1998) and "You, Me and Dupree" (2007), Dillon also stuck close to independent film where he displayed uncommon versatility with Ted Demme's "Beautiful Girls" (1996), "Factotum" (2006), and Paul Haggis' "Crash" (2005), for which he won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor. Despite the New Yorker's Hollywood-outsider status, Dillon maintained a prolific career that while marked by numerous dips and peaks, steadily held the respect of critics and audiences for several decades.


Cameron Diaz Actor

Met in 1995 while both were filming movies in Minnesota Dated from 1996-98 Co-starred in "There's Something About Mary" (1998)

Mary Dillon


Kevin Dillon Actor

Born Aug. 19, 1965; played Johnny 'Drama' Chase on the HBO series "Entourage"

Tim Dillon Actor


Brian Dillon Actor


Paul Dillon


Paul Dillon Actor

Born in 1962

Alex Raymond Actor


Charlotte Ronson Actor

Rumored to be dating as of May 2010

Katy Scholz

Born in 1966

Elisa Shores

Reportedly dated in 2004 No longer together


Mamaroneck High School

Mamaroneck , New York
Left in the 11th grade



Appeared in the ensemble crime thriller "Takers"


Starred in the crime thriller "Armored"


Cast in a supporting role opposite John Travolta and Robin Williams in the comedy "Old Dogs"


Co-starred with Kate Beckinsale in Rod Lurie's "Nothing but the Truth"


Played a newlywed married to Kate Hudson in the comedy "You, Me and Dupree"


Co-starred with Kyra Sedgwick in the Kevin Bacon directed "Loverboy"; premiered at Sundance (lensed 2003)


Played a racist cop in Paul Haggis' directorial debut, "Crash"; earned Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG nominations for Best Supporting Actor


Cast in the Disney feature "Herbie: Fully Loaded" with Lindsay Lohan and Michael Keaton


Made feature directorial debut with "City of Ghosts"; also co-starred


Had featured role in the independent film "Deuce's Wild"


Directed an episode of the HBO drama "Oz"


Featured as a sleazy private detective hired by Ben Stiller to track down Cameron Diaz (then his real-life girlfriend) in the Farrelly brothers comedy "There's Something About Mary"


Played a popular guidance counselor accused of raping two students (Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) in the campy thriller "Wild Things"


Played an actor who outs his high-school English teacher (Kevin Kline) during his Oscar speech in the comedy "In & Out"


Starred as Nicole Kidman's doomed husband in Van Sant's black comedy "To Die For"


Played a schizophrenic homeless man in "The Saint of Fort Washington"


Played a dim-witted Seattle grunge rocker in Cameron Crowe's ensemble comedy, "Singles"


Won rave reviews for his portrayal of a junkie who robs drugstores to support his habit in the critically acclaimed "Drugstore Cowboy"; first collaboration with director Gus Van Sant


Made Broadway debut in "The Boys of Winter"


Played a non-hoodlum role in Garry Marshall's "The Flamingo Kid"


Played an alienated teen living in his brother's shadow in Coppola's "Rumble Fish"; again co-starred with Lane in another film based on a Hinton book


Portrayed the troubled teen leader of "The Outsiders," based on the S.E. Hinton novel of the same name; first film with Francis Ford Coppola and Diane Lane


Made TV debut in "American Playhouse" (PBS) production of "The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters"


Played titular character in "Tex"; first of three alienated teens Dillon portrayed in films based on S.E. Hinton novel


Played a hunk who deflowers Kristy McNichol in the camp drama "Little Darlings"


Cast as the bully in "My Bodyguard"


At age 14, was spotted by casting director Vic Ramos while cutting class in junior high school


Made film debut in the violent teen drama "Over the Edge"

Grew up in Mamaroneck, New York

Bonus Trivia


Dillon co-owns a bar called The Whiskey in NYC's Paramount Hotel and a restaurant in New York called The Falls.


He is an avid collector of French and American antiques.


[director Jonathan] Kaplan’s first meeting with Dillon: "We happened to get him at a time in adolescence when he was acting," says Kaplan. "I asked, ‘What does your dad do for a living?’ and he says, ‘He's a f*cking businessman.' And I asked, ‘What does your mother do?' and he says, 'She don't do sh*t.' Then I found out his father's a stockbroker or something, and this is all a working-class, Lower East Side Italian pose from a middle-class Irish kid from the suburbs." - from Entertainment Weekly, Oct. 9, 1992


"If you find the right part for Matt, he has a level of depth and soulfulness that his contemporaries just don't have. He's a very passionate guy and he puts that into the work. Plus, besides having a lot of talent, he has real decency." - Tim Hunter, who directed the film 'The Saint of Fort Washington' to Newsday, Nov. 15, 1993


"I wouldn't say that it was so wild, but, yeah, we messed around a little bit with some drugs. It was not like I needed to become a Dilaudid addict to play the role. But I wouldn't be lying to say that we didn't do anything. But it wasn't encouraged by the director." - Dillon on filming "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989) to Premiere magazine, June 2005