Matt Moore

Born: 01/08/1888 in Ireland


Actor (46)

An Affair to Remember 1957 (Movie)

Hathaway (Actor)

These Wilder Years 1956 (Movie)

Gateman (Actor)

The King's Thief 1955 (Movie)

Gentleman (Actor)

Executive Suite 1954 (Movie)

Servant (Actor)

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 1954 (Movie)

Ruth's Uncle--Townsperson (Actor)

The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954 (Movie)

English Man (Actor)

Latin Lovers 1953 (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Too Young to Kiss 1951 (Movie)

Charles (Actor)

That Forsyte Woman 1949 (Movie)

Timothy Forsyte (Actor)

Spellbound 1945 (Movie)


The Front Page 1931 (Movie)

Kruger (Actor)

Coquette 1928 (Movie)

Stanley Wentworth (Actor)

Absolute Quiet (Movie)

Pilot (Actor)

Anything Goes (Movie)

Ship's Captain (Actor)

B.F.'s Daughter (Movie)


Cock of the Air (Movie)

Terry (Actor)

Consolation Marriage (Movie)

The Colonel (Actor)

Diplomacy (Movie)

Robert Lowry (Actor)

Good Sam (Movie)

Mr. Butler (Actor)

How Baxter Butted in (Movie)

Henry Baxter (Actor)

Little Orphan Annie (Movie)

Dr. Griffith (Actor)

Malaya (Movie)

Prison Official (Actor)

Married Alive (Movie)

Charles Orme (Actor)

Minnie (Movie)

Newspaper Man (Actor)

Mr. Imperium (Movie)

Gateman (Actor)

My Life with Caroline (Movie)

Walters the Butler (Actor)

Mystery Street (Movie)

Dr. Rockton (Actor)

Neptune's Daughter (Movie)

Official (Actor)

Night into Morning (Movie)

Instructor (Actor)

No More Women (Movie)

Peter Maddox (Actor)

Penrod and Sam (Movie)

Mr. Schofield (Actor)

Santa Fe Marshal (Movie)


Scandal at Scourie (Movie)

Kenston (Actor)

The Big Hangover (Movie)

Mr. Rumlie (Actor)

The Deluge (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

The Great Caruso (Movie)

Max (Actor)

The Hoodlum Saint (Movie)

Father Duffy (Actor)

The Law and the Lady (Movie)

Sen. Scholmm (Actor)

The Plymouth Adventure (Movie)

William Mullins (Actor)

The Pride of the Clan (Movie)

Jamie Campbell (Actor)

The Storm (Movie)

Dave Stewart (Actor)

The Trial of Mary Dugan (Movie)

Bailiff (Actor)

The Unholy Three (Movie)

Hector McDonald (Actor)

Three Guys Named Mike (Movie)

Mr. Tannen (Actor)

Traffic in Souls (Movie)

Larry Burke, Officer 4434 (Actor)

Wilson (Movie)

Secretary Burleson (Actor)


Owen Moore

once married to Mary Pickford

Tom Moore


Mary Moore




Moved to US aged ten