Matthew McConaughey’s Sappy, Mushy & Way Too Corny Wedding PIC

News spread like wildfire over the weekend when long time couple Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves finally tied the knot on Saturday. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, it is more than interesting to see the couple’s wedding pic on the cover of People magazine. Just looking at the romantic shot, the couple seem completely enveloped in wedded bliss to an almost annoying level!

But despite how nauseatingly romantic the shot is, the 29-year-old bride still looks stunning in her elegantly laced, white dress. And, of course, we already knew how well McConaughey could pull off a tux (or anything else for that matter).

What do you think of this wedding photo? McConaughey must have taken corny cues from The Wedding Planner for this shot.

matthew mcconaughey, camila alves

[Photo credit: People]

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