Matthias Hues

Born: 02/14/1959 in Waltrop, DE


Actor (25)

Showdown in Manila 2016 (Movie)

Dorn (Actor)

Dragon Wars 2007 (Movie)

Bounty Hunter #1 (Actor)

The Protector 1999 (Movie)


Lone Tiger 1998 (Movie)


Suicide Ride 1998 (Movie)


Alone in the Woods 1996 (Movie)

Kurt (Actor)

Cyberzone 1995 (Movie)


Finding Interest 1995 (Movie)


Death Match 1994 (Movie)


Fists of Iron 1994 (Movie)


Bounty Tracker 1993 (Movie)


I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore 1992 (Movie)

Eric (Actor)

Talons of the Eagle 1992 (Movie)

Khan (Actor)

Tc 2000 1992 (Movie)


Blackbelt 1991 (Movie)

John Sweet (Actor)

Diplomatic Immunity 1991 (Movie)

Gephardt (Actor)

Kickboxer 2 1991 (Movie)

Neil Vargas (Actor)

Mission of Justice 1991 (Movie)


Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country 1991 (Movie)

Second Klingon General (Actor)

Aftershock 1990 (Movie)


I Come in Peace 1990 (Movie)

Talec (Actor)

Fistfighter 1989 (Movie)

Rhino (Actor)

No Retreat, No Surrender II 1989 (Movie)

Yuri (Actor)

Age of Treason (TV Show)


Executive Target (TV Show)