Mattia Sbragia


Actor (30)

Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood 2012 (Movie)

Armando Carnera (Actor)

L'Ultimo Ultras 2009 (Movie)


The Passion of the Christ 2004 (Movie)

Ciaphas--The High Priest (Actor)

The Order 2003 (Movie)

Apathetic Bishop (Actor)

Heaven 2002 (Movie)

Major Pini (Actor)

The Golden Bowl 2001 (Movie)

The Duke (Actor)

Canone Inverso 2000 (Movie)


Christie Malry's Own Double Entry 2000 (Movie)

Leonardo Da Vinci (Actor)

The Count of Monte Cristo 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea 1995 (Movie)

Stern (Actor)

Only You 1994 (Movie)

Alitalia Pilot (Actor)

The Teddy Bear 1993 (Movie)


Gangsters 1991 (Movie)


Netchaiev est de Retour 1991 (Movie)

Forger (Actor)

The Story of Boys and Girls 1991 (Movie)

Agusto (Actor)

Year of the Gun 1991 (Movie)

Giovanni (Actor)

Inganni 1990 (Movie)

Dr Pariani (Actor)

L' Avaro 1990 (Movie)


Buon Natale, Buon Anno 1989 (Movie)

Giorgio (Actor)

Dicembre 1989 (Movie)

Don Luigi (Actor)

Mia Moglie e' una Bestia 1988 (Movie)

Psychoanalyst (Actor)

Dial Help 1987 (Movie)


Il Burbero 1985 (Movie)


The Moro Affair 1985 (Movie)

Terrorist (Actor)

Il Disertore 1982 (Movie)

Saverio (Actor)

Ritratto di Borghesia in Nero 1977 (Movie)


A Season of Giants (TV Show)


Abraham (TV Show)


Excellent Cadavers (TV Show)


Joseph of Nazareth (TV Show)