Maurice Barrier

Born: 06/08/1934 in La Flèche, Sarthe, FR


Actor (16)

Life and Nothing But 1990 (Movie)

Mercadot (Actor)

A Woman or Two 1987 (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

Charlie Dingo 1987 (Movie)

Chinaski (Actor)

Les Fugitifs 1986 (Movie)

Commissioner Duroc (Actor)

Rue du depart 1986 (Movie)


On Ne Meurt Que 2 Fois 1984 (Movie)

Arthur Chalon (Actor)

Scout Toujours 1984 (Movie)


Les Specialistes 1983 (Movie)

Kovacs (Actor)

Le Marginal 1982 (Movie)


The Return of Martin Guerre 1981 (Movie)

Pierre Guerre (Actor)

Coup de Tete 1980 (Movie)

Berri (Actor)

Black and White in Color 1977 (Movie)

Caprice (Actor)

Le Gang 1976 (Movie)

Lucien-- (Actor)

Flic Story 1975 (Movie)

Bollec (Actor)

Le Gitan 1974 (Movie)

Helman (Actor)

The Rise to Power of Louis XIV 1965 (Movie)

D'Artagnan (Actor)