Maurice Denham

Actor, Engineer
A prolific British character player from the stage, whose film and TV appearances were usually in decidedly supporting roles, Maurice Denham was originally an engineer. He did not make his theatrical debut in until he ... Read more »
Born: 12/23/1909 in Kent, England, GB


Actor (62)

Robert Rylands' Last Journey 1996 (Movie)

Hume (Actor)

Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Memento Mori 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Rumpole and the Quality of Life 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series IV 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


Rumpole of the Bailey, Series IV 1987 - 1988 (TV Show)


84 Charing Cross Road 1987 (Movie)

George Martin (Actor)

Love Song 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Mr. Love 1986 (Movie)

Theo (Actor)

Agatha Christie Stories, Series II 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


The Chain 1984 (Movie)

Grandpa (Actor)

From a Far Country: Pope John Paul II 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


The Potting Shed 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


Julia 1977 (Movie)

Undertaker (Actor)

Shout at the Devil 1975 (Movie)

Mr Smythe (Actor)

Luther 1973 (Movie)

Johann Von Staupitz (Actor)

The Day of the Jackal 1973 (Movie)

General Colbert (Actor)

Nicholas and Alexandra 1971 (Movie)

Kokovtsov (Actor)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday 1971 (Movie)

Mr Greville (Actor)

A Run on Gold 1969 (Movie)

Crittenden (Actor)

Some Girls Do 1969 (Movie)

Mr Mortimer (Actor)

The Best House in London 1969 (Movie)

Editor of (Actor)

The Virgin and the Gypsy 1969 (Movie)

Rector (Actor)

Attack on the Iron Coast 1968 (Movie)

Sir Frederick Grafton (Actor)

Negatives 1968 (Movie)

Father (Actor)

The Long Duel 1967 (Movie)

Governor (Actor)

After the Fox 1966 (Movie)

Chief of Interpol (Actor)

Blood Beast From Outer Space 1966 (Movie)

Professor Morley (Actor)

Danger Route 1966 (Movie)

Peter Ravenspur (Actor)

Operation Crossbow 1965 (Movie)

RAF Officer (Actor)

The Alphabet Murders 1965 (Movie)

Inspector Japp (Actor)

The Nanny 1965 (Movie)

Dr Beamaster (Actor)

The Heroes of Telemark 1964 (Movie)

Doctor at Hospital (Actor)

The 7th Dawn 1963 (Movie)

Tarlton (Actor)

H.M.S. Defiant 1961 (Movie)

Surgeon Goss (Actor)

The Mark 1961 (Movie)

Arnold Cartwright (Actor)

Sink the Bismarck! 1960 (Movie)

Commander Richards (Actor)

Two-Way Stretch 1960 (Movie)


Our Man in Havana 1959 (Movie)

Navy Officer (Actor)

Curse of the Demon 1958 (Movie)

Professor Harrington (Actor)

All at Sea 1957 (Movie)

Crowley (Actor)

23 Paces to Baker Street 1956 (Movie)

Inspector Gravening (Actor)

Carrington V.C. 1955 (Movie)

Lt Colonel Reeve (Actor)

Simon and Laura 1955 (Movie)

Wilson (Actor)

The Purple Plain 1955 (Movie)

Blore (Actor)

Doctor at Sea 1954 (Movie)

Easter (Actor)

Animal Farm 1953 (Movie)

Characterizations (Voice)

Eight O'Clock Walk 1953 (Movie)

Horace Clifford (Actor)

Malta Story 1953 (Movie)

only (Voice)

The Man With a Million 1953 (Movie)

Mr Reid (Actor)

Escape 1948 (Movie)


All Passion Spent (TV Show)


Captain Boycott (Movie)

Lt. Col. Strickland (Actor)

Fat Chance (TV Show)


Holiday Camp (Movie)

Camp Doctor (Actor)

Monsignor Quixote (TV Show)


Tears in the Rain (TV Show)


Terror on a Train (Movie)

Jim Warrilow (Actor)

The Black Tower (TV Show)


The Blind Goddess (Movie)

Lord Brasted's Butler (Actor)

The Spider and the Fly (Movie)

Col. de le Roche (Actor)

They Made Me a Fugitive (Movie)



A prolific British character player from the stage, whose film and TV appearances were usually in decidedly supporting roles, Maurice Denham was originally an engineer. He did not make his theatrical debut in until he was in his mid-20s, playing Hubert in "The Marquise" at the Little Theatre in Hull, England. Denham made his London debut in "Rain Before Seven" (1936). Already an established character player with a long list of stage credits, he joined the Old Vic Company in 1961 playing both "King Lear" and "Macbeth" that year. Denham played the title role in a West End production of "Nathan the Wise" (1967) and Serebryakov a Hampstead production of "Uncle Vanya" (1979).

Denham had made an early foray in films in 1941 in a bit part in "Barnacle Bill" but did not come to the medium in earnest until 1947 when he appeared in a small role in "Daybreak" and played the uppercrust Major Frazer in "Blanche Fury", a film based on a real-life murder case. These films set a standard for Denham's roles, often cast as uppercrust sometimes stolid domestic workers, but always 'veddy, veddy English'. Later, he often played working stiffs, such as his small role as the trawler skipper in "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" (1965) and an undertaker in "Julia" (1977). Virtually all his films were British productions, with exceptions like "23 Paces to Baker Street" (1956) and "Midas Run" (1969). Still working into his 80s, Denham portrayed George Martin, the aged bachelor bookstore clerk, warmed by the letters sent by Helen Hanft (Anne Bancroft) in "84 Charing Cross Road" (1987).

Denham's small screen work has been frequent, but rarely provided him with leading roles. An exception was "From a Far Country: Pope John Paul II" (NBC, 1981), in which he had the title role. (The movie also had a theatrical run in Europe.) He played another priest in the British TV production "The Potting Seed", one of the first dramas shown on the CBS Cable channel during its short life in 1981. Denham also was cast as Senor Diego alongside Alec Guinness and Leo McKern in "Mongsignor Quixote" (PBS, 1987). One of his last roles was in the Harlequin Romance "Tears in the Rain" (Showtime, 1988).


Norman Denham


Winifred Denham


Margaret Dunn




Co-starred in "Tears in the Rain" for Showtime


Had featured role in "84 Charing Cross Road"


Made cable TV debut in "The Potting Sled"


Played "Macbeth" with Old Vic


With Old Vic Company


Made screen acting debut in "Barnacle Bill"


Made London stage debut in "Rain Before Seven"


Began stage career in repertory in Hull