Maurice Garrel

Born: 02/24/1923 in Saint-Servais, Isère, FR


Actor (36)

A Burning Hot Summer 2012 (Movie)

Grandfather (Actor)

Henri-George Clouzot's Inferno 2010 (Movie)

Dr. Arnoux (Actor)

Actrices 2007 (Movie)


Kings and Queen 2005 (Movie)

Jennsens (Actor)

Les Revenants 2004 (Movie)


Son Frere 2004 (Movie)

Alter Mann (Actor)

My Children Are Different 2003 (Movie)


Wild Innocence 2001 (Movie)


Inseparables 1999 (Movie)


Artemisia 1998 (Movie)

The Judge (Actor)

Alors Voila 1996 (Movie)

Constantin (Actor)

Le Coeur Fantome 1995 (Movie)

Father (Actor)

Un Coeur en Hiver 1993 (Movie)

Lachaume (Actor)

La Discrete 1992 (Movie)

Jean (Actor)

A Star For Two 1990 (Movie)


L' Ombre 1990 (Movie)


Les Baisers de secours 1989 (Movie)

Mathieu's Father (Actor)

Poisons 1986 (Movie)

Northrup (Actor)

La Seconda Notte 1985 (Movie)

Fabris (Actor)

Les Maitres du Soleil 1983 (Movie)


Liberte la Nuit 1983 (Movie)


Merry Go Round 1982 (Movie)


Rebelote 1982 (Movie)


Le Grand Paysage d'Alexis Droeven 1980 (Movie)


The Nada Gang 1973 (Movie)

Epaulard (Actor)

L' Heritier 1971 (Movie)

Brayen (Actor)

Les Soleils De L'ile De Paques 1971 (Movie)

Scientist (Actor)

Faustine et le bel ete 1970 (Movie)

Jean (Actor)

Rak 1970 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Un Aller Simple 1970 (Movie)

Inspector (Actor)

Le Coeur fou 1969 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

The Young Wolves 1965 (Movie)

Ugo (Actor)

The Soft Skin 1963 (Movie)

Bookseller (Actor)

Sundays and Cybele 1962 (Movie)


Le Combat dans l'ile 1961 (Movie)

Terrasse (Actor)

The Red and the Black (TV Show)