Maybe Pregnant Snooki Should Stop Wearing Heels? — PIC

For those of you who are in need off a Jersey Shore fix, you’ll be happy to know that the gang returned to Seaside Heights on Thursday to begin filming the series’ sixth season. And while it will be interesting to see what type of shenanigans these guys will be getting into this summer, what’s concerning is that Snooki doesn’t seem to understand that when you’re pregnant, it’s not always the smartest idea to walk around in crazy high heels. It actually can be some what dangerous…

Here’s the situation… (no not Mike the Situation!)


Reportedly, Snooki will be staying at a separate house this summer, so we can at least take some comfort in the fact that she probably won’t be at the center of all the smooshing/drinking commotion. But, knowing this girl, no matter where she is, trouble will most assuredly find her. Let’s just hope she keeps her feet on solid ground.


Snooki in Heels


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