Mayor Bloomberg Defends Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s VIP Hospital Treatment

beyonceUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re more than aware that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are now officially parents. You also probably heard that the couple has received a great deal of criticism for taking over an entire wing of Lenox Hill Hospital as they welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy Carter into the world. Security was so strict, it even prevented other parents from seeing their just-born children, all to accommodate the singer’s privacy. But while some find such VIP treatment to be overly excessive, others were quick to defend it…including Mayor Bloomberg.

In a Tuesday press conference, the mayor was asked to voice his thoughts regarding the star treatment Beyoncé and Jay-Z received, to which he replied, “Let’s step back a little bit here. If [the hospital] got paid a lot of money and it let them provide services to other people who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it, I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing.” Additionally, he went on to say, “Full-paying patients are very valuable to hospitals in this day and age.” And it’s true, the hospital did receive a big payday for its efforts (in the sum of supposedly $1.3 million), but does that really justify disrupting other parents’ lives? If I was one of the parents and was told I wasn’t allowed to see my kid, you better believe I wouldn’t tolerate it.

Bloomberg did say that closing off the maternity ward to other parents was unnecessary, but he still defended the celebrity couple’s right to their extreme VIP treatment, saying, “I don’t think you should keep people from seeing their babies, or whatever, but have different services for people are full-paying patients. It’s easy to go and criticize, but somebody’s got to pay.” Of course the hospital denies such measures were taken, but I think that’s to be expected. Let’s just hope the hospital exercises more caution in the future in order to guarantee something like this never happens again.

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Source: E!