McQueen’s break-up heartache

The star’s body was found at his London home on Thursday (11Feb10). The 40 year old is alleged to have hanged himself after struggling to come to terms with the loss of his mum Joyce, who had passed away earlier this month (Feb10).

But in an unpublished interview with Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the British style guru revealed he was hurting following the breakdown of his relationship with a mystery lover. McQueen told the publication in January (10) he had his partner’s name tattooed on his arm, before the romance disintegrated and his lover flew back to his native Australia.

He said, “(He was) a b**tard who went back to Australia and I was left looking at his name.”

The interview will be published in the magazine’s upcoming April (10) issue.

McQueen’s previous long term relationship with George Forsyth ended in 2001.

The news comes after McQueen’s show at New York Fashion Week, which was due to take place on Friday (12Feb10), was cancelled in the wake of the designer’s death.