Mega Millions Mania: Let’s Hit The Pop Culture Jackpot!

ALT$640 million. If we’re talking in terms of Peeta Mellark, that my friends, is a lot of dough. But while the odds may not be ever in your favor to actually win the Mega Millions jackpot (according to the Associated Press, it’s somewhere around 1 in 176 million), it’s still pretty easy to get swept up in the lottery frenzy. In fact, half the fun of playing is daydreaming about what you’d do with all that cash. (All the fun, of course, would actually be winning the damn thing.)

So while most of us have spent the past week with our head in the clouds dreaming up glorious scenarios with newly-purchased mansions… and yachts… while booking five-star vacations… and calling Sallie Mae for the last time, we here at have been imaging what winning the pop culture lottery would feel like. Sure, The Smiths announcing a comeback tour or the creators of Lost explaining what it was all about are about as likely as having your numbers called during tonight’s Mega Millions drawing… but hey, you never know!

What makes our pop culture jackpot wish list:

— Justin Timberlake signs on as a full-time Saturday Night Live cast member. Bring it on down to Studio 8H, JT!

— Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie all move to a remote, paparazzi-free island to harmoniously live together.

— J.K. Rowling promises all of her new books will only be a continuation of the Harry Potter saga.

— Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet announce their next project together… as real-life husband and wife.

— Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul return to American Idol. (Okay, Dunkleman, you can come, too!)

— Jon Stewart announces he’s running for President. Or at the very least, Pizza Mayor of New York City. (What? That’s a thing!)

— To make up for lost time, Mad Men promises no re-runs for the rest of their run on television.

— The Gallagher brothers patch things up and Oasis release a flurry of new albums.

— The Comeback gets a shot a comeback. Hey, if Matt LeBlanc gets a second shot at television glory, Lisa Kudrow should, too. That’s what Friends are for.

— 98 Degrees announce a reunion tour. (Fairy tales do come true! It could happen to you!)

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