Megan Fox as a Cheerleader: See the Pic!

It’s hard to imagine our favorite stars having a life before they were famous, but in actuality, there was a time when they were just like us. Megan Fox is no exception. Before she was deemed one of Hollywood’s hottest female actresses, she was just a normal teenage girl.

Fox attended high school at the Morningside Academy in Port Saint Luci, FL and was even a member of the varsity cheerleading team. And though the star recently described herself as being a “loner” and “abrasive” as a teen, we seriously have to disagree. It’s a well-known fact that cheerleaders are always extremely preppy and popular, and Fox couldn’t look more at home among her cheerleader comrades. Check out our exclusive photo taken from her Sophomore year in 2001-2002 (she’s the second one from the left). Who’s got spirit? This girl does!