Megan Fox’s Sexy Cover: Cursing, Marriage and Kids!

megan foxMegan Fox is considered one of the hottest female stars in Hollywood (at least to the male population), however it seems she’s got marriage and babies on the brain. Sorry, fellas. The actress appears on the cover of the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and opens up about information regarding her personal life, including her desire to start a family with her husband of nearly two years Brian Austin Green.

Green, 38, already has a 9-year-old son with his ex Vanessa Marcil, however, Fox, 25, is more than ready to take on parental responsibilities. The Friends With Kids star tells the magazine, “I want at least two, probably three [kids]. I’ve always been maternal.”

Fox also recalls the first time she ever met Green back in 2004, admitting, “I didn’t know who he was,” but knew it was love at first sight. She adds, “I was too young for Beverly Hills, 90210. But the first time I saw him, I got butterflies. And the first time he casually touched me? There was so much electricity.”

And while she confesses marriage is never easy, Fox doesn’t regret her decision of tying the knot so young. Fox states, “We’ve had obstacles, and we’ve overcome them. I truly feel like he’s my soul mate. I don’t want to sound corny or cliche, but I do believe we are destined to live this part of our lives together.” The couple were married in Hawaii in June 2010.

Additionally, Fox took some time during her interview to dispel rumors about her “tough girl” image, claiming that it’s just not true. She explains, “It’s because I have tattoos and I say curse words, and apparently, that’s crazy. I think maybe I give off this energy of seeming like I don’t give a f–k, and that’s misinterpreted. But I’m not wild.” Guys will just have to find something else to fantasize about.

Source: Cosmopolitan