Mel Gibson Investigation Is Almost Over

oksana grigorieva and mel gibsonThe investigation regarding Oksana Grigorieva’s allegations that Mel Gibson assaulted her and her baby numerous times will soon be concluded by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Spokesman Steve Whitmore told E! News that the department needs just two weeks to finish drawing little hearts above each and every “i” used in the report, and then their goal is to turn all of their findings over to the district attorney.

It is being reported police are considering charging Gibson with domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment. They’re also considering charging Grigorieva with extortion, based on statements from Gibson that she was only after him for his money, which apparently are made so unbelievably convincing because Gibson said he had to sell his paintings after Oksana spent all his money glass pianos and crystal lip injections. And in the mix of all this, the probably never happy couple are also duking it out over who’ll get custody of their daughter. Unfortunately for Gibson, his father seems unaware of the situation and is quite unwilling to help him out by shutting up and Oksana just might win the right to live with her daughter by default.

Source: E Online, TMZ