Mel Gibson’s Arresting Officer Fights Back at Sheriff’s Department

The highway patrolman who arrested Mel Gibson for drunk driving in July has fired back at his own department for the ordeal he was put through following the controversy.

Los Angeles County Deputy James Mee claims he was forced into “an Internal Affairs investigation within 72 hours of the arrest of Mr. Gibson” in a letter sent to the Sheriff’s Department and obtained by news Web site

Mee’s lawyer Richard Shinee, who sent the letter in October, claims his client was interrogated for five hours and the deputy “was compelled to give a statement regarding all aspects of the transaction between himself and Mr. Gibson, including questions with regard to the alleged leak of information to the press.”

Mee was reportedly told to sanitize his report, removing details of any anti-Semitic remarks the movie star made at the scene of his arrest.

In the letter, Shinee says Deputy Mee “told the investigators that he was ordered to change his report, and further, that he did so against his will.”

Mee then reportedly became the subject of a criminal investigation immediately after his interview. has learned Mee has since been taken off patrol duty in Malibu, California–where Gibson was arrested–and reassigned.

The site also claims the Sheriff’s Department has recently targeted Mee in a separate investigation, allegedly for getting into an argument with a superior.

Shinee says, “(This) is nothing more than ongoing harassment.”

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