Melanie Griffith

Actress, Producer, Model
Actress Melanie Griffith became known for strong-but-sexy characters in such films as "Working Girl" (1988) and "Something Wild" (1986), although, at times her multiple marriages and well-documented battles with ... Read more »
Born: 08/08/1957 in New York City, New York, USA


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Actress Melanie Griffith became known for strong-but-sexy characters in such films as "Working Girl" (1988) and "Something Wild" (1986), although, at times her multiple marriages and well-documented battles with addiction threatened to overshadow her considerable talent. The daughter of Hitchcock favorite and "The Birds" (1963) star Tippi Hedren, Griffith began her film career while still a teenager in Arthur Penn's "Night Moves" (1975), as an oversexed runaway. Both personal and professional ups-and-downs followed, with a short first marriage to Don Johnson, as well as notable performances in films like "Body Double" (1984). After her Oscar-nominated performance in "Working Girl" Griffith was at the height of her profession when her drug addiction and a string of ill-advised movie projects like "The Bonfire of the Vanities" (1990) diminished her star power. As her second marriage to Johnson collapsed amidst his alcoholic relapse and rumors of infidelity, Griffith met and fell in love with Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas. Armed with a newfound stability, the actress took on more respectable film roles, most notably an acclaimed portrayal of a drug-addicted criminal opposite James Woods in "Another Day in Paradise" (1998). Always full of surprises, Griffith defied expectations when she wowed audiences with her Broadway debut in the smash hit musical "Chicago" in 2003. Although later projects lacked the high-profile of her earlier work and more rehab stints were required to keep her personal life on track, this child of Hollywood was nothing if not a survivor.


Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith

Born Sept. 24, 1996 father, Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas Actor

Met on the set of "Two Much" (1995) while Griffith was still married to Don Johnson Married on May 14, 1996 in London

Steven Bauer Actor

Met on the set of "She's in the Army Now" (1981) Married 1981 Divorced 1987

Alexander Bauer

Born in 1985 father, Steven Bauer

Nanita Greene

Married to Melanie's father, Peter Griffith and had two children together

Peter Griffith

Married to Melanie's mother, Tippi Hedren from 1952-1961 later married actress Nanita Greene and Debra Meyer Boyd died in 2001 at age 67 from complications from emphysema

Clay Griffith

Born c. 1967 son of Peter Griffith and Nanita Greene designed the sets for Melanie Griffith's "Pacific Heights" (1990)

Tracy Griffith

Born c. 1965 daughter of Peter Griffith and Nanita Greene co-starred with Melanie Griffith in "Fear City" (1985) and "Crazy in Alabama" (1999)

Tippi Hedren Actor

Played the lead in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (1963) co-starred with daughter in "The Harrad Experiment" (1973) and "Roar" (1981) married to Melanie's father, Peter Griffith from 1952-1961

Don Johnson Actor

At 14, Griffith began dating 22-year-old Johnson She was 18 years old when they married Jan. 8, 1976 in Las Vegas, NV Divorced six months later July 1976 Remarried June 26, 1989 She left after meeting Antonio Banderas on set of "Two Much" (1995) Divorce finalized February 1996

Dakota Johnson

Born October 4, 1989 father, Don Johnson co-starred with her mother in "Crazy in Alabama" (1999)


Hollywood Professional School

Los Angeles , California
Graduated when she was just 16 years old

Studied acting with Stella Adler in New York



Guest-starred on the seventh and final season of FX's "Nip/Tuck," playing porn-star Kimber Henry's mother


Played the mother of the show's main characters in the short-lived sitcom, "Twins" (WB)


Made her Broadway debut playing Roxie Hart in the musical "Chicago"


Joined Sylvester Stallone and Gabriel Byrne for the film, "Shade"


Appeared as herself in Rosanna Arquette's documentary, "Searching for Debra Winger"


Voiced the character of Margalo in "Stuart Little 2"


Played the title role of a mentally unstable woman who seeks an old sweetheart in "Forever Lulu"


Portrayed a veteran movie star kidnapped by a struggling independent filmmaker in "Cecil B. Demented"; written and directed by John Waters


Made London stage debut in the "Vagina Monologues" at the Old Vic theater


Played an aspiring actress who murders her husband in Antonio Banderas' feature directorial debut, "Crazy in Alabama"


Portrayed actress Marion Davies in the HBO movie, "RKO 281," about the making of "Citizen Kane"


Appeared in Woody Allen's ensemble film, "Celebrity"


Offered a rich performance as a drug addicted criminal, opposite James Woods, in "Another Day in Paradise"


Selected by Revlon as spokesperson for line of cosmetics aimed at women over 35 years of age


Played the blowsy Charlotte Haze in Adrian Lyne's remake of "Lolita"; shown on Showtime in the US


Starred opposite future husband Antonio Banderas in the uneven comedy, "Two Much"


Co-starred with Anjelica Huston in the CBS miniseries, "Buffalo Girls"; nominated for a Golden Globe Award


Co-starred with Demi Moore, Rita Wilson, and Rosie O'Donnell in the coming-of-age drama, "Now and Then"


Received good reviews for her role as a desperate housewife in the Oscar-nominated film "Nobody's Fool"; co-starred with Bruce Willis and Paul Newman


Undertook the role of Billie Dawn in an ill-fated remake of "Born Yesterday"


Was unfortunately miscast as an NYC cop who goes undercover in the Hassidic community in "A Stranger Among Us"


Made first film with then-husband Don Johnson, "Paradise"


Co-starred with James Woods, as lovers facing an unwanted pregnancy, in the "Hills Like White Elephants" segment of HBO's "Women & Men: Stories of Seduction"


Re-teamed with director Brian de Palma for the film adaptation of "The Bonfire of the Vanities"; co-starred with Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis


Played a Staten Island secretary with aspirations to succeed in Mike Nichols' "Working Girl"; earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress


Guest-starred on an episode of "Miami Vice" (NBC); episode directed by Don Johnson, her once-and-future husband


Breakthrough leading role in Jonathan Demme's cult favorite, "Something Wild"


Cast as the female lead in Brian De Palma's "Body Double"


Studied acting with Stella Adler in New York


Starred with mother, Tippi Hedren, in "Roar" (produced by stepfather, Noel Marshall); filmed several years before release


Joined cast of the ABC series "Carter Country" as a series regular


Made TV miniseries debut, "Once an Eagle" (NBC)


Played one of the beauty contestants in the superb satire "Smile"


Made feature acting debut in "Night Moves" at 17 years old


Made film debut as extra in "The Harrad Experiment"; film starred her mother and future first husband, Don Johnson

Moved with family to Los Angeles at age four

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Griffith entered a rehabilitation clinic in the fall of 2000 to deal with a dependency on prescription medication.


"I'm okay with the lines because inside I think of myself as 18. I figure the longer I can think that, probably the better I'll be. The minute I realize I'm 42, I'll probably fall apart." - Griffith on aging, to the Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 17, 1999


"Before we started shooting, people told me it is dangerous to shoot your own wife. But with Melanie, it was like driving a Ferrari. She was easy. I just had to keep her on track." - Antonio Banderas on directing his wife in "Crazy in Alabama" to the New York Post, Oct. 13, 1999


"I don't care if people say I've made some poor choices in my career. I've put my family first and that's how it should be. But I also have to say that I've changed agents three times in the past ten years. I left Nicole David right after 'Working Girl,' which I never should have done, and I'm back with her now. After Nicole, I went to ICM but left when I learned a script I found for myself was given to another actor. Then I went to CAA with Antonio and, honestly, though I adore Rick Nicita, all the work I got was because a director like Woody Allen, who cast me in 'Celebrity,' or Adrian Lyne, who put me in 'Lolita,' specifically asked for me. Besides [agents] get a bigger commission from someone like Demi Moore at her $12 million than from me at my $3 million. What can I say? Sometimes this town can be really mean and cruel. All the people think of you is that you're as good as your last movie." - Griffith quoted in Movieline magazine, April 1999


"Adrian Lyne asked me to gain 10 pounds before I started 'Lolita,' which, on top of being tough on my ego playing the mother role, made me feel like a complete porker. And I think everybody in town has had collagen out in their lips, which I did do at one point, but I don't have now. Jesus Christ, I mean, yes, I had my tits done after I had my second child, but I didn't make them bigger. I just had them put back to where they were because after you've had children, your body changes." - Griffith to Movieline magazine, April 1999.


"People used to tell me I would never make it in this business because of my voice. When I did 'Body Double,' nobody complained. That film made me realize I was OK. And that all I really had to do was work on my craft." - Griffith to Us magazine, September 1994


Mike Nichols, her director on "Working Girl," calls her "That rare creature that is made for the camera. Her face, her eyes, are transparent; you can see right into her feelings, and you can see what she's thinking. She's a little like a very small, carefully shielded atomic reactor, with a kind of intense power or glow in the middle of her. She doesn't act, she just arrives alive." - From Fun magazine, Dec. 22, 1988


"Profane and virginal. Street smart and gossamer. Completely spontaneous and totally in control. A big goofball and a sharp operator. Melanie Griffith's career has been built on roles that call upon her to encompass these contradictions." - From an article in Vanity Fair magazine, April 1989


Griffith checked into the Cirque Lodge, a rehab facility in Utah on August 2009, her rep confirmed. "She is there to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy," says her rep Robin Baum. "This is part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago." This was the third rehab stint for the actress in recent years.