Melissa J T Carter


Editor (9)

Rollerball 2002 (Movie)

visual effects editor (Editor)

X-Men 2000 (Movie)

visual effects assistant editor (Assistant Editor)

The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

The Siege 1998 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

Nothing to Lose 1997 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 1995 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie 1995 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

Corrina, Corrina 1994 (Movie)

editorial intern (Editor)

Cabin by the Lake (TV Show)

Assistant Editor
Visual Effects & Animation (2)

The Passion of the Christ 2004 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Editor)

Bulletproof Monk 2003 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Editor)
Other (1)

To Die For 1995 (Movie)

apprentice film editor (Apprentice)