Melissa McCarthy Was Fired From A Waitressing Job For Yelling at a Drunk Person

Melissa McCarthy is a big Hollywood star now, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t gone through her share of bad breaks. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the actress opened up about her life before fame and even shared a story about the first time she was ever fired. Many years ago, McCarthy worked at a restaurant in New York City and was immediately shown the door after chasing down a drunk customer who skipped out on paying a very big bill. “Some guy that was incredibly bombed left like an $1,800 bill. Security was supposed to catch him, but they didn’t. I went and found him two bars down, still drunk,” the Emmy winner explained. She then brought the patron back to the restaurant and made him pay the bill, but her boss was less than pleased with the way she handled the situation and fired her on the spot. McCarthy said, “They fired me for yelling at a customer.”

So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Never try to force a customer to pay their bill because it’ll get you fired. Of course now McCarthy went on to bigger and better things with her Bridesmaids success and recent Emmy win this year. And let’s not forget her leading role in the CBS hit Mike & Molly. So needless to say, getting fired was probably the best thing that could have happened to her.

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Source: People, Access Hollywood