Meredith Richardson


Physical Effects (15)

Ghostbusters 2016 (Movie)

(for Holtzmann) (Stunt Double)

Mother's Day 2016 (Movie)

(for Flo) (Stunt Double)

The Boss 2016 (Movie)

(Stunt Double)

Extraction 2015 (Movie)

Double(for Victoria/Kris) (Stunt Double)

Goosebumps 2015 (Movie)


Jurassic World 2015 (Movie)


22 Jump Street 2014 (Movie)


All Cheerleaders Die 2014 (Movie)

(Stunt Player)

Black or White 2014 (Movie)

Utility Stunts (Stunts)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014 (Movie)


The Maze Runner 2014 (Movie)


American Heist 2013 (Movie)

(Stunt Player)

Grudge Match 2013 (Movie)


Lee Daniels' The Butler 2013 (Movie)


Oblivion 2013 (Movie)