Merry Christmas, Jerk: The 10 Worst TV and Movie Salespeople


Holiday shopping is pretty much the worst thing ever. You either do it on the dystopian nightmare that is Black Friday to save money, or wait until the last second and run to your local Jersey mall so your parents and high school best friend who randomly got you an ornament don’t hate you. Either way, you’re dealing with oodles of irate folks who are all just as miserable as you are. Unless you just had your first baby or something, it’s never a pleasant experience — it’s something you just have to get through, like the bridesmaid process or commuting. Bottom line, being around other human beings totally sucks. So does spending money on other people. Humbug.

But you know what makes things even worse? When the salespeople are just as terrible as that lady in front of you who has the audacity to make returns on Dec. 23. There’s a time and a place, you know? From the lady at the department store who is too busy dealing with her personal life to ring you up to the dude who is obviously trying to upsell you, a crappy salesperson can make or break your experience.

Basically what we’re saying is — brace yourself for a couple of really terrible days, if you’re like us and haven’t finished (or, err, started) your list yet. But since we’re nice, we’re also counting down the 10 worst TV and movie salespeople of all time, so that whatever you go through will seem pleasant in comparison. Happy Holidays!

  The 10 Worst Pop Culture Shopkeeps

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