Mervyn Johns

Born: 02/18/1899 in United Kingdom


Actor (31)

House of Mortal Sin 1974 (Movie)

Father Duggan (Actor)

The National Health 1973 (Movie)

Rees (Actor)

The Heroes of Telemark 1964 (Movie)

Col Wilkinson (Actor)

The Day of the Triffids 1963 (Movie)

Professor Coker (Actor)

The Old Dark House 1962 (Movie)


The Victors 1962 (Movie)

Dennis (Actor)

Francis of Assisi 1961 (Movie)

Brother Juniper (Actor)

The Rebel 1961 (Movie)

London Art Gallery Manager (Actor)

Never Let Go 1960 (Movie)

Alfie Barnes--News Vendor (Actor)

Once More, With Feeling 1960 (Movie)

Mr Wilbur Jr (Actor)

The Sundowners 1960 (Movie)

Jack Patchogue (Actor)

The Devil's Disciple 1958 (Movie)

Reverend Maindeck Parshotter (Actor)

The Gypsy and the Gentleman 1958 (Movie)

Brook (Actor)

The Vicious Circle 1958 (Movie)

Dr Kimber (Actor)

1984 1956 (Movie)

Jones (Actor)

Doctor at Large 1956 (Movie)

Smith (Actor)

Finger of Guilt 1956 (Movie)

Ernest Chapple (Actor)

Moby Dick 1956 (Movie)

Peleg (Actor)

Romeo and Juliet 1954 (Movie)

Friar Laurence (Actor)

A Christmas Carol 1951 (Movie)

Bob Cratchit (Actor)

The Magic Box 1950 (Movie)


Jamaica Inn 1938 (Movie)


Captain Boycott (Movie)

Watty Connell (Actor)

Edward, My Son (Movie)

Harry Simpkin (Actor)

Helter Skelter (Movie)

Ernest Bennett (Actor)

Jamaica Inn (Movie)

Thomas (Actor)

Pink String and Sealing Wax (Movie)

Mr. Edward Sutton (Actor)

The Captive Heart (Movie)

Private Evans (Actor)

The Girl in the News (Movie)

James Fetherwood (Actor)

The Master of Ballantrae (Movie)

MacKellar (Actor)

The Oracle (Movie)

Tom Mitchum (Actor)


Glynis Johns Actor

Born Oct. 5, 1923; mother, Alyse Maude Steele Acted together in "The Magic Box" (1951) and "The Sundowners" (1960)

Glynis Johns



Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

London , England