Michael Charbonnet


Camera, Film, & Tape (32)

Bad Moms 2016 (Movie)

First Assistant Photographer (Photography)

The Magnificent Seven 2016 (Movie)

Camera 1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Hot Pursuit 2015 (Movie)

Camera 1st Assistant(Additional Photography) (Camera Assistant)

Hot Pursuit 2015 (Movie)

Camera 1st Assistant Camera/Steadicam Asst (Camera Operator)

The D Train 2015 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera)

Black or White 2014 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Beautiful Creatures 2013 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Bullet To The Head 2013 (Movie)

Assistant A Camera (Assistant Camera)

Lee Daniels' The Butler 2013 (Movie)

Camera First Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Oldboy 2013 (Movie)

Assistant "Red" Camera (Assistant Camera)

A Little Bit of Heaven 2012 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Assistant Camera)

Contraband 2012 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Killer Joe 2012 (Movie)

1st AC (Assistant Camera)

Red Dawn 2012 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera)

Stolen 2012 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Colombiana 2011 (Movie)

Camera 1st AC (Assistant Camera)

Green Lantern 2011 (Movie)

Assistant B Camera (Assistant Camera)

Jonah Hex 2010 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans 2009 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Venom 2005 (Movie)

First Assistant B-Camera (Assistant Camera)

Alaska 1996 (Movie)

Westcam technician(-Alaska) (Camera Equipment)

Above Suspicion 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)

Camera Operator

Clear and Present Danger 1994 (Movie)

Wescam Technician (Camera)

Jason's Lyric 1994 (Movie)

aerial assistant camera operator (Assistant Camera Operator)

Miller's Crossing 1990 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

Tune in Tomorrow... 1990 (Movie)

(New Orleans) (Camera Assistant)

Sex, Lies, and Videotape 1989 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

A Perfect Day (TV Show)

Assistant Camera

Living Proof (TV Show)

Assistant Camera

The Staircase Murders (TV Show)

Assistant Camera

Traveling Man (TV Show)

Assistant Camera Operator