Michael Craig

Born: 01/27/1928 in India


Actor (31)

Fat Pizza 2003 (Movie)

Magistrate (Actor)

General Practice 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Mystery Men 1999 (Movie)

Gardener (Actor)

Appointment With Death 1988 (Movie)

Lord Peel (Actor)

Hot Resort 1985 (Movie)

Bo Bo (Actor)

Stanley 1982 (Movie)

Sir Stanley Dunstan (Actor)

Turkey Shoot 1980 (Movie)

Charles Thatcher (Actor)

The Irishman 1978 (Movie)

Paddy Doolan (Actor)

The Fourth Wish 1975 (Movie)

Dr Richardson (Actor)

Ride a Wild Pony 1974 (Movie)

James Ellison (Actor)

Inn of the Damned 1973 (Movie)

Paul Melford (Actor)

The Vault of Horror 1972 (Movie)

Maitland (Actor)

A Town Called Hell 1970 (Movie)

Paco (Actor)

Country Dance 1969 (Movie)

Douglas Dow (Actor)

The Royal Hunt of the Sun 1969 (Movie)

Estete (Actor)

Twinky 1969 (Movie)

Daddy (Actor)

Star! 1968 (Movie)

Sir Anthony Spencer (Actor)

Sandra 1966 (Movie)

Andrew (Actor)

Life at the Top 1965 (Movie)

Mark (Actor)

Modesty Blaise 1965 (Movie)

Paul Hagan (Actor)

Stolen Hours 1963 (Movie)

Dr John Carmody (Actor)

No, My Darling Daughter 1961 (Movie)

Thomas Barclay (Actor)

Sea of Sand 1961 (Movie)

Captain Cotton (Actor)

The Captive City 1961 (Movie)

Capt Elliot (Actor)

Mysterious Island 1960 (Movie)

Captain Cyrus Harding (Actor)

The Angry Silence 1959 (Movie)

Joe Wallace (Actor)

Nor the Moon By Night 1958 (Movie)

Rusty Miller (Actor)

The Silent Enemy 1958 (Movie)

Leading Seaman Knowles (Actor)

Blonde Sinner 1956 (Movie)


Svengali 1955 (Movie)


Malta Story 1953 (Movie)

only (Voice)
Writer (3)

The Killing of Angel Street 1980 (Movie)


The Fourth Wish 1975 (Movie)


The Angry Silence 1959 (Movie)

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