Michael Douglas Attends Fashion Show and Is ‘Feeling Great’

It’s been almost a year since Michael Douglas successfully beat throat cancer, and the actor continues to be on the road to recovery. The Wall Street star attended the Michael Kors runway show at New York’s Fashion Week today and he was the picture of health. When asked about his health following his battle with cancer, Douglas exclaimed, “I feel great, I’m feeling great,” with a huge smile on his face.

Looking stylish in a black leather jacket, the A-list celeb chatted up his seatmate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and explained his interest in attending this particular fashion show — he came to support an old friend. He describes Kors by stating, “He’s a lovely guy, he’s got a little giggle, he’s a sense of humor. He works hard, but it is fashion and he doesn’t take it too seriously.” Better not let Anna Wintour catch you saying that or you might end up back in the hospital for entirely different reasons. Seriously, don’t get on her bad side…I’ve done my research.

Although he doesn’t have that many movies lined up at the moment, he’s finding other ways to spend his time (it’s not all runways and catwalks). He watched a pretty intense game at the U.S. Open, commenting, “I was at the Federer match—that was incredible.” Well it’s good to see you on the mend. Now let’s get a move on creating Wall Street 3!

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Source: E!