Michael Joyce


Visual Effects & Animation (27)

Get Smart 2008 (Movie)

Miniature Visual Effects(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Miniatures)

Amusement 2007 (Movie)

Miniature Efx Supervisor(Cinema Production Services) (Miniatures)

Live Free or Die Hard 2007 (Movie)

(Cinema Production Services) (Miniatures)

Final Destination 3 2006 (Movie)

Miniatures Supervisor(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Miniatures)

Poseidon 2006 (Movie)

Model Unit Supervisor(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Modelmaker)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 (Movie)

Miniatures Supervisor(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Miniatures)

Zathura 2005 (Movie)

Miniatures Supervisor(Cinema Production Services) (Miniatures)

Blade: Trinity 2004 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Miniatures)

Team America: World Police 2004 (Movie)

(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Miniatures)

Elf 2003 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Miniatures)

Final Destination 2 2003 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor(Cinema Production Services, Inc.) (Miniatures)

The Core 2003 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor (Miniatures)

The Adventures of Pluto Nash 2002 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor(Cinema Production Services) (Miniatures)

Dinosaur 2000 (Movie)

special effects crew(stage unit) (Special Effects)

Magic in the Water 1995 (Movie)

model shop foreman (Visual Effects)

The Brady Bunch Movie 1995 (Movie)

model shop foreperson (Visual Effects)

In the Army Now 1994 (Movie)

model shop foreman (Visual Effects)

True Lies 1994 (Movie)

model crew chief(Digital Domain) (Visual Effects)

Cliffhanger 1993 (Movie)

modelmaker(Italy Plate crew) (Visual Effects)

Batman Returns 1992 (Movie)

lead modelmaker(Boss Film) (Visual Effects)

The Abyss 1989 (Movie)

modelmaker(Fantasy II) (Visual Effects)

A Time of Destiny 1988 (Movie)

model shop (Visual Effects)

Lady in White 1988 (Movie)

modelmaker(Fantasy II Film Effects) (Visual Effects)

Lifeforce 1985 (Movie)

special visual effects(crew) (Special Effects)

Spacehunter 1983 (Movie)

models (Visual Effects)

Firefox 1982 (Movie)

models (Visual Effects)

10.5 (TV Show)

Executive (21)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 (Movie)

Miniature Supervisor(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Supervisor)

Impostor 2002 (Movie)

model shop supervisor(Cinema Productions Services/visual effects miniatures) (Supervisor)

Rush Hour 2 2001 (Movie)

miniature supervisor (Supervisor)

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York 1999 - 2000 (Tv Show)


Final Destination 2000 (Movie)

model shop supervisor(Cinema Productions Services/miniature visual effects) (Supervisor)

Reindeer Games 2000 (Movie)

model supervisor(miniatures/Cinema Production Services) (Supervisor)

Vertical Limit 2000 (Movie)

model shop supervisor(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Supervisor)

Virus 1999 (Movie)

model maker supervisor(Acme Models Inc) (Supervisor)

Godzilla 1998 (Movie)

(Cinema Production Services Inc /Madison Square Garden miniature) (Supervisor)

What Dreams May Come 1998 (Movie)

models supervisor(Cinema Production Services) (Supervisor)

The Game 1997 (Movie)

miniature supervisor (Supervisor)

Independence Day 1996 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

Mars Attacks! 1996 (Movie)

Acme model shop supervisor(Warner Digital Studios) (Supervisor)

Batman Forever 1995 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

Johnny Mnemonic 1995 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 (Movie)

model and shop supervisor(Fantasy II) (Supervisor)

Bat 21 1988 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

Nightflyers 1987 (Movie)

model shop supervisor(Fantasy II Film Effects) (Supervisor)

Return of the Living Dead 1985 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

The Terminator 1984 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (TV Show)

Art Department (3)

Horatio Hornblower: The Duel 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Art Director

Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ships 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Art Director

Resurrected 1989 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)
Physical Effects (1)

Army of Darkness 1993 (Movie)

puppet creator(Introvision International Inc) (Puppets Design)
Other (7)

The Watcher 2000 (Movie)

plasterer (Other)

Light It Up 1999 (Movie)

plasterer (Other)

Stir of Echoes 1999 (Movie)

plasterer (Other)

Back to the Future II 1989 (Movie)

effects shop (Other)

Ramona 1989 (Movie)

production software(Filmart Ltd) (Other)

The Puppetoon Movie 1987 (Movie)

(new animation sequences) (Construction)

Critters 1986 (Movie)

Critters crew member (Production)