Michael Moore: Let’s Title a Ted Nugent/Mel Gibson Doc ‘Crazy’

Michael Moore: Let’s Title a Ted Nugent/Mel Gibson Doc ‘Crazy’

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

ALTWhether he’s bashing former President George Bush or slamming Wall Street’s infrastructure, filmmaker Michael Moore always has an opinion. So there’s no wonder he has something to say about conservative rocker Ted Nugent’s latest spits about President Obama and Mel Gibson‘s most recent rants. Hollywood.com caught up with the infamous Fahrenheit 9/11 director/producer at the Tribeca Director Talks Sunday in NYC — and Moore couldn’t help but imagine a documentary about the two headline-baiting celebrities.

“I’ve always liked Ted’s music — and for a long time, I thought this whole rock ’em sock ’em Motor City Madman thing was just an act, but I guess it’s real,” Moore told Hollywood.com. “Can you imagine him and Mel Gibson on a road trip?”

That’s a plotline that would make Hunter S. Thompson jealous. But what if Moore were to direct a documentary about their antics? “I think you just call it Crazy,” he said. “There’s already a song for the sound track, ‘Crazy’ [singing Patsy Cline’s hit].”

Were Nugent’s words crazy enough to warrant a meeting with the Secret Service? (The musician had said if Obama was re-elected, he’d be “dead or in jail by this time next year.”) Moore thinks so. “Every threat against the President has to be investigated,” Moore said.

The director even felt the Army was smart to cancel Nugent’s scheduled concert at Fort Knox — despite Nugent’s basic freedom to rant. “I think he has the right to say anything he wants,” Moore said. “It’s a free country. And the army, and me, and you have the right to not want to listen to his music or put concerts on.”

But Moore didn’t stop with just Nugent. After all, there are plenty more figures in 2012’s upcoming election. Including Mitt Romney, who’s rumored to be considering a hosting gig on SNL to connect with the voting public. “Oh, I would watch it — I would watch it hoping for the trainwreck,” Moore said. “I mean when [Sarah] Palin did it… I mean seriously, they shouldn’t do it. They think it’s making them look cool, but with Palin, it was just 90 minutes of letting her have it. So, if I were advising him, I would tell him not to do it. But I’m not.”

In the meantime, who else is hoping to see a Crazy documentary?


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