WTF of the Day: Michael Vick Is Training His Adorable New Dog

Michael Vick owns a dog

File this under: How the hell did this happen? Michael Vick has a pet dog and he was spotted taking the pup to a training session in New Jersey.

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who went to prison for participating in illegal dog fights now has a pet dog. And he’s taking him to PetSmart training classes, just like every other red-blooded American with a furry friend, according to photos obtained by local Philadelphia blog Crossing Broad (below).

Michael Vick at Petsmart With New Dog

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In October, Vick raised suspicions of this seemingly unwise (and, at the time, illegal) life choice when he tweeted a picture of his daughter and a box of Milk Bones. The tweet was soon deleted, perhaps because his three-year ban on owning dogs wasn’t quite up. However, it now seems that Vick has made good on his promise to get his kids a pup as he told Piers Morgan in July saying, “I can’t take that dream away from them. That’s selfish on my behalf.”

And while it may again be legal for Vick to own a dog, and his daughters surely could benefit from a dog in their lives — because, who couldn’t? — it still feels a bit unseemly to witness the man whose violent claim to fame overshadows his skills on the field with a dog of his own. 

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