Michelle Rodriguez

In a karmic twist of fate, Michelle Rodriquez's signature roles came in productions whose titles eerily sum up her Hollywood career. Between her striking debut in the female boxing movie "Girlfight" (2000), her turn as ... Read more »
Born: 07/11/1978 in Bexar County, Texas, USA


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In a karmic twist of fate, Michelle Rodriquez's signature roles came in productions whose titles eerily sum up her Hollywood career. Between her striking debut in the female boxing movie "Girlfight" (2000), her turn as Vin Diesel's gearhead girlfriend in the action film "The Fast and the Furious" (2001), and her role as a tough ex-cop on the hit TV series "Lost" (ABC, 2004- ), the titles mirrored her hardened personality and sometimes troubled personal life. She was a raw, talented actress who found the Byzantine maze of Hollywood almost as hard to navigate as the American legal system. Her various arrests for everything from assault to drunk driving temporarily sidetracked her promising career and landed her in jail, but her fighting spirit would not allow her to go down for the count.


Vin Diesel Actor

Met while co-starring in "The Fast and the Furious" (2001) No longer together

Kristanna Loken Actor

Met on the set of "BloodRayne" (2005) The Advocate and other LGBT news sources reported in November 2006 that they were rumored to be romantically involved

Olivier Martinez Actor

Acted together in "S.W.A.T." (2003) Reportedly had a fling in 2003 while Martinez was dating Kylie Minogue Once again seen together in early 2007 No longer together

Rafael Rodriguez

Puerto Rican Separated from Rodriguez's mother c. 1986 Died in 1997

Carmen Rodriguez

Dominican Separated from Rodriguez's father c. 1986

Omar Rodriguez

Born c. 1970; twin of Raul

Raul Rodriguez

Born c. 1970; twin of Omar


Dropped out of high school at 17, but later earned her GED



Reprised role opposite Milla Jovovich in action horror sequel "Resident Evil: Retribution," written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson


Appeared in the action thriller "Machete," directed by Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez


Reprised role for the fourth film "Fast & Furious"


Cast in James Cameron's 3D sci-fi epic "Avatar"


Cast in actor Stuart Townsend's directorial debut "Battle in Seattle"


Starred in the big-screen version of the popular video game "BloodRayne"


Co-starred in the horror film "The Breed"


Joined the second season of ABC's "Lost" as ex-police officer Ana-Lucia Cortez; character killed off at the end of season


Lent her voice to the video games "True Crime: Street of LA" and "Halo2"


Portrayed the character Chris in the summer action feature "S.W.A.T."


Co-starred with Milla Jovovich in Paul Anderson's "Resident Evil"


Played one of Kate Bosworth's friends and roommates in the surfer film "Blue Crush"


Co-starred as a gang member with a penchant for racing sports cars in "The Fast and the Furious"


Played a tough NYC cabbie in Showtime movie "3 A.M."


Landed breakthrough role as Diana, the tough and troubled high school student who finds an outlet for her aggression in boxing in "Girlfight"


Cast as an extra in NYC film productions "Summer of Sam" (1999) and "For Love of the Game" (1999)


Settled in Jersey City, NJ with her mother


Lived with her maternal grandmother in the Dominican Republic

Briefly moved to Puerto Rico to live with her father

Raised in Texas until her parents separated at age eight

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"Guys think a girl won't lift up her hands or defend herself. But they'd be amazed when that beast is let loose." – Rodriguez quoted in Talk magazine, June/July 2000


"I was always the girl in Jersey City who was the big tomboy, considered the butch because I was so masculine. I was always wearing baggy jeans with my boxers coming out. It was my defense against being considered that sexy person that the guys would try to lay. So, instead, they just considered me one of the guys." – Rodriguez quoted in Time Out New York, Sept. 28, 2000


"We had to work on calming her face and relaxing her. She got to a point where she reached that quietness on her own pretty quickly. She's got the goods to be a truly great actress." – "Girlfight" director Karyn Kusama quoted in USA Today, Oct. 19, 2000


"If I'm a sex symbol, than so are half the people in Jersey." – Rodriguez quoted in E! online's "Sizzling Sixteen," January 2001


In March 2002, Rodriguez was arrested for allegedly attacking her female roommate. She pleaded innocent to charges of assault and harassment, and posted $2500 bail.


In June 2004, due to dangerous driving and a DUI, Rodriguez was sentenced to several hours in jail and took part in a community service program at two local hospitals. She was also required to attend a three-month alcohol program and get involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


On Nov. 30, 2005, Rodriguez was arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in Oahu, HI. Rodriguez opted for jail time and a $500 fine rather than 240 hours of community service. In April 2006, she surrendered and began a five-day jail sentence.


On Oct. 11, 2007, Rodriguez was sentenced to six months in jail for failing to complete community service and alcohol monitoring as part of her probation from the previous drunk driving incident.