Mike Boyle


Other (17)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2006 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

Hidalgo 2004 (Movie)


The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004 (Movie)

Head Wrangler (Animal Wrangler)

Van Helsing 2004 (Movie)

Horse Master(Prague Unit) (Animal Wrangler)

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! 2004 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

The Ring 2002 (Movie)

Horse Wrangler (Animal Wrangler)

Time Machine 2002 (Movie)

head animal handler (Animal Trainer)

missing pieces 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)

Animal Wrangler

Simpatico 1999 (Movie)

head wrangler (Animal Wrangler)

Hush 1998 (Movie)

boss wrangler (Wrangler)

The Horse Whisperer 1998 (Movie)

head wrangler (Animal Wrangler)

Out to Sea 1997 (Movie)

(Animal Wrangler)

City Slickers 1991 (Movie)


Barbarosa 1982 (Movie)

Wrangler Boss (Wrangler)

My Last Love (TV Show)

Animal Wrangler

Santa and Pete (TV Show)

Animal Wrangler

The Cherokee Kid (TV Show)

Animal Wrangler